How to Develop Product Insights

Marty Cagan talks about Insights as a critical input into crafting a product strategy. Insights can come in a variety of forms, however, it takes real work to identify them and translate these into action. Moreover, insights are often unique to each product, company, or industry. Below I will share the methods and channels for generating these product and customer insights.

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Talk to the people currently using (or not using) your product. Figure out what they like or dislike about the product now, what can be improved, what other products or tools they are using to understand how you can better serve them.

Often times people will say one thing, but do something else. Analyze product metrics or watch user test videos to better understand why people are doing with the product.

Get input from the folks at your company on the frontlines talking with customers daily. These co-workers are great sources of information from customers to understand frustrations, confusion, missing functionality, and other areas of opportunities.

Use the product yourself to build empathy, identify gaps, and develop a point of view on your own product.

Watch people using competitor’s products to understand what

Learn from other products or tools that your users are familiar with. Find inspiration from products in other spaces.

Industry and market trends can provide insight into changes in the market or technology that can be leveraged for your products.

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