Build your next product by working backwards.

Working backwards
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WWorking Backwards is an approach to product development made popular by Amazon. This process can be applied for any new product, service, or feature. Putting this idea into practice requires starting with the customer, think big, and focus on the riskiest assumption upfront.

Start with the customer

Working backward always starts with the customer…

Focus on the things that don’t change

Human needs and wants are relatively stable over time. What changes much more frequently are the means by which people seek to satisfy those needs.

While much of product innovation is focused on things that are changing and trending in the world, we can actually build durable product strategies by…

The easiest way to make something better is to find something that “sucks” and work on it until it doesn’t. Hidden among the “suck” is an opportunity to make an impact by building trust within your teams and solving real problems.

Is there some task that the team doesn’t like doing but needs to get done? → Help them automate it or volunteer to do it for them

Is there a customer angry with support about a bug? → Pick up the phone and talk it through with them

Is there some element of your customer’s job that they don’t like doing? → Figure out a solution to help them 1) do it faster or 2) even better — not have to do it at all

Is your boss stressed out about something at work? → Offer to take on some of their work. You might even get promoted :)

Alex Pedicini

Product Manager.

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